Need Garage Door Spring Repair in Opelika, AL or Columbus, GA?

Need Garage Door Spring Repair in Opelika, AL or Columbus, GA?

Hire us today for professional spring repair and replacement

Most standard garage doors weigh over 100 pounds on their own. Without a spring counteracting all of this weight, your motor would have a tough task operating every day. If you believe your spring or cable system is broken, turn to the experts at UpDown Garage Doors, LLC for prompt garage door spring repair in Opelika or Auburn, AL and even Columbus, GA.

You can keep your garage door running smoothly with professional garage door spring replacement or repair services. Call 334-750-0118 today to schedule an appointment in the Opelika, AL or Columbus, GA area.

Give your motor a break

Every piece of your garage door system works together to place minimal strain on the motor. If you've noticed your door is taking longer to lift, your spring system likely has an issue. Our trained technicians will:


  • Replace springs
  • Fix broken tracks
  • Provide maintenance and safety inspections
  • Repair cables and hinges




We offer emergency garage door spring replacement for your convenience. Get prompt and professional garage door spring repair in the Opelika and Auburn, AL area and Columbus, GA.